Wedding Photographer in PeterboroughHello, I’m Peter. I am a full time professional wedding photographer. A reportage style of wedding photography requires a certain type of thinking from the wedding photographer. The photographer needs to adopt a journalistic attitude to his subject, blending discreetly in among the wedding guests and absorbing the unique atmosphere of the occasion.

As a wedding photographer in Peterborough I am always alert to those special moments you will want me to capture, but also those moments that happen naturally, be they humorous, poignant or unexpected, the ones that might otherwise be lost forever. All the joy, tears, love and laughter of your wedding.

I would love to tell the story of your wedding, so why not get in touch and let’s chat about your day.


    Peterborough Wedding Photographer

    peterborough wedding photographer

    My Passion

    I’m a professional photographer and one of those lucky people who earn their living doing what they love to do. Photography is my passion and I specialise in wedding photography. I believe that if you follow your passion and make it your life’s work then your happiness will be reflected in the quality of that work. I have been photographing weddings for several years now and I am always impressed by how unique each couple make their day.

    Peterborough Photographer

    What kind of a person I am

    I have qualifications and experience and editing skills, but equally important is my personality. I know I have the ability to make people feel good in front of the camera. I believe this is a key factor when choosing a wedding photographer. You need someone who can help you to relax and be yourself, someone you can trust and feel comfortable with. I have been providing a wedding photography service since 2007 and have photographed weddings at many of Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire best wedding venues.


    Someone You Can Trust and Feel Comfortable With

    Weddings are happy occasions and I love seeing the smiles on the faces of the married couples when they first see their wedding photographs. This is the best feedback to get and it makes my job even more worthwhile and enjoyable. I always invite the couple to my home, let them meet my wife and son and see what kind of a person I am – conscientious, hard-working man – qualities that go back to my roots, and I take pride in my work ethic.


    The Tears, Joy and Laughter

    My pictures are my best testimonials. They speak for themselves. They have a real, emotive quality about them. Looking at my photographs, you will remember not only the dresses, decorations, flowers and guests at your wedding, but also the atmosphere; the tears, joy and laughter. I have done large weddings, small parties, multicultural weddings and same-sex partnerships. They all have one thing in common, and that is the emotions they bring out in people, and, if I am allowed to blow my own trumpet, I have to say I am a master at capturing these emotions.


    Capture the Emotions and Atmosphere of Your Special Day

    I could go on painting a glowing picture of myself, but far better for me to invite you to examine the world as seen through my eyes. Please look through my pictures and, if you like my reportage style wedding photography, let us meet up and I will be happy to use my talents to capture the emotions and atmosphere of your special day.