Wedding Photographer in PeterboroughHello, I’m Peter. I am a full time professional wedding photographer. A reportage style of wedding photography requires a certain type of thinking from the wedding photographer. The photographer needs to adopt a journalistic attitude to his subject, blending discreetly in among the wedding guests and absorbing the unique atmosphere of the occasion.

As a wedding photographer in Peterborough I am always alert to those special moments you will want me to capture, but also those moments that happen naturally, be they humorous, poignant or unexpected, the ones that might otherwise be lost forever. All the joy, tears, love and laughter of your wedding.

I would love to tell the story of your wedding, so why not get in touch and let’s chat about your day.


    Journalistic Wedding Photography

    picture of a page boyAre you looking for a professional photographer who can offer you something different from the traditional and rather predictable style of wedding photography? You know the type of photographer I mean; the one who makes you pose and smile on demand. The one who creates unnatural-looking, forced shots that can make people appear fake and a bit silly. We all know that photographs can bring back memories and emotions and the last thing you want is to have those precious memories ruined by poor photographic techniques.


    Wedding Photography With a Difference

    What you need is a reportage style photographer who will merge with the background on your wedding day, soaking up the celebratory atmosphere, and telling the unfolding story of your special day in all its colourful details. My Wedding Photography is always an array of natural, heart warming photographs that truly represent the magic and romance of your wedding.


    Capturing Every Magical Moment

    The traditional style of wedding photography will usually fail to capture the best moments of the occasion, for these will be scenes that happen naturally and not at set times determined by the standard coverage offered by traditional photographers. You want someone who can document your whole day, as though your wedding were a movie, from the moment the action begins until the party is all wrapped up. Of course, I can take some formal photographs as well, but I won’t make you stand around for ages and cause you to miss any of the celebrations.


    The Moments Between the Moments

    Having a very small, intimate wedding and worried I won’t be interested? Don’t be. It doesn’t matter what type of venue you choose either. Whatever you decide to do, rest assured that you will have my complete attention. I purposely limit the number of weddings I do every year so everyone gets a full, professional service from me. I take my time so I can produce natural looking photographs that reflect all the emotion and romance of each unique wedding.